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The Aspiring Life of Taja Dominique

A 27 year old, God fearing young lady that made her way to turn her dream into a reality. Born and raised in Kentucky; A graduate from Western Kentucky University; And now owning her own brand. Her goal is to share her talents and designs with the world to inspire and to spread love!

Sewing is a generational art in the family of Taja. Her grandmother crochets and her Mother sews. Starting at age 11, Taja's Mother purchased her, her first sewing machine for Christmas and started her on the way to perfection. 2008-2010 of Taja's last two years of high school, she was enrolled into the Fashion Design class where she made her first garment and competed with her official piece in the FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) Star (Students Taking Action with Recognition) Events, where she placed 2nd. After realizing how great of a job she had done, Taja had no doubt of what she wanted to be. She decided to take Fashion up at the college level. Facing many trials and tribulations during the years of college, Taja is now a graduate of Western Kentucky University with an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree in Liberal Arts and Science. 

Inspired by many Fashion DesignerS and Stylists, she hopes to touch others in ways that they've touched her. 

Welcome and Be Blessed. 

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